Four Strands Community Partners, offers a variety of services through both a la carte options AND  four retainer agreement tiers. The consulting rate for a la carte services is $175 per hour or any part thereof. Retainer options are listed at the bottom of the page and have a retainer rate for the duration of the agreement.

Drawing on over a decade of nonprofit work, including several years as an executive director, and serving on the boards of three North Central Washington nonprofits, Four Strands Founder, Karen Francis-McWhite provides nonprofit and board development consulting and training

In addition, Four Strands Community Partners, LLC offers a variety of services to assist organizations in the development and implementation of their diversity, equity and inclusion goals:

Examples of topics Four Strands Community Partners can support:


These options vary in length from one to three years.


Advisory Retainer

Four Strands Community Partners, LLC will:

The CLIENT is responsible for creating and managing the DEIB initiatives. 


Implementation Retainer


Collaborative Retainer


Partnership Retainer